White Salt Fields

In an era of accelerating technology and increasing complexity, what does it mean to be „at home“? What does the question „Where do you come from?“ mean? What does it mean to be „in your hometown“?

These questions are addressed in this video essay about the country Vietnam, a land of astonishing natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and ethnic hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and capturing.

The video essay is accompanied by a DJ set, consisting of abstract club tracks to create futuristic sci-fi alike soundscapes. With this hybrid film screening and concert experience, the transhuman project Shinsekai (新世界, „New World“) tries to investigates more possibilities in the art of DJing. By playing and mixing contrasting genres on the dark side of electronic dance music, the goal is to break the limits of genres, taste and social difference. Alien timbres, distorted vocals and broken club-oriented rhythms define a kaleidoscopic view of musical futures.


quJOchÖ / AKA / 1000fryd /