d1g1_Pr0t//31n$ is an ongoing research project using DNA data of chromosomes from humans, apes and any other living creature found on the internet. The aim is to investigate this data found online and to create musical compositions. By merging the DNA data of humans and animals, it creates a sonification of a digital hybrid creature. How do hybrids sound like? Moreover, what is the difference between a human, a chimpanzee, or any other living organism? Is it possible that hybrids coexist together with humans?

Hybrid creatures have been a topic in mythologies, religious beliefs, in the science-fiction realm and have been quite a topic on the internet. Throughout the history of mankind there has been always a great interest in the possibility of merging physical features from various animal species together. In the future, it is possible to use bio-technical hybrids as sources for transplanting organs and cells for humans. Besides this dream for medical advantage, this project also questions the fundamental rights of those creatures.

The compositions in digital format are available to download or listen at archive.org, a global library, open and accessible to all kinds of species.